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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Down memory lane with Neetu Singh

The other day, Sagar (Mohbe, my class fellow since school and through collage) posted the wedding photograph (probably!) of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh on our WhattsApp group (find that pic below), and transported me down memory lane with a nostalgic, innuendo-laden insinuation. Guru (Gurdutt, yet another pal from school) pondered, and possibly agonised about the tenuous connection between that Diva and yours truly. This should put you out of your misery, Guru, and in the bargain, address the concerns of other Sangamitrans (that's the school wapp group) as well.

That Neetu Singh is an awesome actress is a cliche. I've  been an unabashed fan of hers even since I hit my teens (and as a corollary, my hormones hit me!). She's at her tantalising best when she's prancing and dancing, not for the reasons my imaginative (and perverted!) friends are conjuring up in their minds,  but for the fact that she has given us some of the most memorable, hummable dance numbers ever to hit the silver screen: Ek mein aur ek tu, Lekar hum diwaana dil, Humne tumko dekha, (do I need to go on?). In addition, she has some fantastic credentials (two, in fact - there the perverted go again!) that she can be extremely proud of, which sets her apart from the rest of her fraternity in the tinsel world. I, of course refer to Rishi and Ranbir. (Sorry to disappoint the imaginative species again!). That's two solid reasons for my infatuation. There are more, but this being a 'family type" blog, they can't find mention here. Also, those revelations go best with single malt and 'sangat'.

So that's that! I guess Rishi had a point when he crooned 'Tere chehre se nazar nahi hath thi, nazaare hum kyaa dekhe'

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