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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Charvee the Debutante Danseuse

An account of the 'Arangretam' of Charvee, daughter of Capt (IN) and Mrs Sandeep Wadhwa, on 16 May 15 at India Habitat Centre

Mesmerising, captivating, brilliant, .... for once words fail me - for how does one describe that amazing  and riveting performance put in by the two young debutantes. 

The ambiance and the setting were ethereal; the background musical accompaniment, the vocals, the lighting, all added to that surreal experience that we were privileged to enjoy. I am sure that would have been the audience sentiment too. As regards the dance, let me make a confession - I was actually moved to tears of joy when the two elegant ladies stepped on to their scene of action. Each action of Charvee and Ananya (the co-performer) was elegance personified. The grace with which the hand and eye movements were coordinated and executed ... it was scintillating. Together, they exuded a charm that sent us into ecstasy. 

I am sure the girls would have been through several trials and tribulations to reach this stage. But yesterday, both of you (Capt and Mrs Wadhwa) would have been proud of Charvee. She made us feel proud too. 

It is beyond doubt that she has a great future in the performing arts. May I suggest, in my semi- ignorant stature, that an exposure to the fine art of Kathakali would do Charvee a world of good. Of course, her guru would be the best judge. 

Our only regret was that we couldn't stay through to enjoy till the very end. But I want to extract a promise out of you - we are going to watch that exciting performance on a real-life sized screen at your place, soon after Ishaan (their son, who's in Class XII) is settled - preferably nursing a glass of single malt. Meanwhile, all the very best to the young, talented lady and best wishes to Ishaan too, to meet his aspirations.

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