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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ashish Purandare – An Epitaph
Ashsish Purandare, a friend over the last 32 years, left for his heavenly abode yesterday (02 May 15) after being diagnosed of Multiple Organ Failure. The passing away of a dear friend raises several emotions. The good times, the great times, the rash times, and the differences of opinions that one had with the departed soul, all of it comes rolling on to you like an avalanche. There is no stopping those floodgates.
It is also a time for reflection. Every human being lives her/his life in accordance with some norms that she/he sets for herself/himself. With Ashish, the dictum was loud and clear – LIVE LIFE KINGSIZE! Not for him the underplayed, nuanced approach to life practiced by the cautious and the insecure. Right from the first time I had known him, he was strength and intensity personified. Our whattsapp group had a post of how Ashish managed to clobber a senior trying to rag him (when he was in the first year), thereby earning the sobriquet of ‘Dada’. That singular, authority-resisting act was indicative of his USP.

Rakish and devilishily handsome, Ashish had a charm that could disarm the most ardent of his detractors. As Saket pointed out in his whattsapp post, agar woh goggle laga le, to quayamat aaa jaye!

Ashish believed in defying, daring and challenging the status quo. He tried that devil-may-care attitude with his life as well. Impulsive to the core, he spiced up his life at every juncture. It is not for us to judge whether what he did was right or wrong. As he meets his maker at Vaikunth, I am sure, if the good lord asks him what he expects there, Ashish would respond, “good life, good times, on my own terms”

It was great knowing and growing up with you, Ashish. I sure am gonna miss your effervescence, your satire, your unending stock of non-veg jokes, the baithaks, and most importantly that benevolent, helpful attitude of yours towards all and sundry who would have known (or not known) you. I pray to God, to give your family the courage and strength to tide over this most untimely loss.

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