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Friday, December 4, 2009

Does this qualify for "Moderate" Exercise

Does the following qualify as 'moderate' exercise

(a) Thinking about having a drink - Mental Calisthenics (MC)

(b) Having made up ones mind, walking up to the bar cabinet with slow, steadied, deliberate steps - Physical Calisthenics (PC).

(Caveat - May also involve a sub stage (b1) - in the form of taking a stealthy detour to approach the bar in an effort to avoid a tete-a-tete with the better half who may (more often than not!) intervene and modify the decision making process! – PC)

(c) Having reached the reservoir, opening up the heavy redwood door to choose the drink - PC

(d) Contemplating on the choice of ambrosia from the 'bevy of beauties' lined up in the cabinet (the Glen family, the blended scotch variety, Russian, Cuban, French, Californian, .... - Gawd, so many choices and so little time - gimme a break!) - MC.

(This is an MC at its best, even the likes of Vishwanathan Anand (the mental master that he is!) have been known to suffer nervous breakdowns attempting the exercise.)

(e) Reaching for the glass door to the cabinet that houses the crystal ware (Waterford, Ricci …. ?) and mentally assign the glass ware to be blessed with the fluid to be imbibed. - MC

(g) Psychologically and physiologically exhausted by now, managing to pour the equivalent of three score and a half (in ml) of the selected amber fluid into the chosen glass. - PC

(f) Deciding whether to add an additional liquefied mix of two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen (with a dash of carbon-di-oxide for good measure), or a solidified mix of the concoction of hydrogen and oxygen, or better still, shove the contents of the glass down the gullet, on the rocks. – MC

(g) Carrying out the task at para (f) above - PC

(Note-This exercise can be repeated ad infinitum (of course at the cost for earning the wrath of your better half!) for top order benefits.

Phew! Just writing about it has sapped my energies and primed my thirst glands. I need ‘Something Special’ now.

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